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Shiro True North Slim All White

Shiro True North Slim All White

Shiro True North Slim All White by AG Snus is a tobacco free powerhouse that takes you on a flavor journey to the north. Its nicotine pouches deliver an ice-cold mint flavor that is complemented with a fresh touch of wintergreen. This refreshing flavor combination is closely followed and enhanced by an extra strong nicotine kick (11 mg/portion).

The all-white filling that these pouches use consists of natural plant fibers. A filling that combined with their slim size makes them truly discreet to enjoy. They won’t leave stains on your teeth and they drip minimally. This low amount of drip ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a long time.

You can now order your can or roll of the extra strong and minty Shiro True North Slim All White online right here at


Typ: All White - ohne Tabak
Nikotin: 11 mg/portion
Portionsgewicht: 0,5 g
Inhalt: 12 g/Dose


Preis pro Dose: 6,59 USD Dosen:
Preis pro Stange: 55,39 USD = 1 Punkt
Stangen(10 Dosen):

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