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Faro Apple Mint

Faro Apple Mint

The tobacco free Faro Apple Mint and its nicotine pouches delivers a cool mint flavor topped with fruity hints of apple. A fresh and delicious flavor combination enhanced by a medium strong nicotine kick (5 mg/portion). The filling used consist of a high quality and innovative tea leaf mix. The white character and dry surfaces on the pouches minimizes the drip, which in turn ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a satisfyingly long time.

You can now order your can or roll of the tobacco free Faro Apple Mint online at

Type: White Portion - tobacco-free
Nicotine: 5 mg/portion
Portion weight: 0.6 g
Net weight: 12 g/can


Price per Can: 5.99 USD Cans:
Price per Roll: 51.69 USD = 1 Point
Rolls(10 Cans):

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