Mörkbrunt Snus Loose

Mörkbrunt Snus Loose

Mörkbrunt Snus Lös is the first snus from Swedish Match new series (Gästspel från förr)  where classical snus gets the chance to make a comeback. This normal strenght loose snus delivers a smoky and dark tobaccoblend complemented with hints of dried fruit and leather. This snus is only sold for a limited time, so be sure to try it. A more authentic snus experience is hard to find!

Everything started in the swedish small town of Charlottenberg and in J.L Tiedemanns snus factory back in 1916. They began manufacturing a dark and smoky snus that quickly became a favorit amongst Swedish snus users. The production was later moved to Gothenburg in 1941, where it remained until 1998 when it stopped, but now its finally back!


Type: Loose
Nicotine: 7.5 mg/g
Portion weight: n/a
Snus weight: 42 g/can


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