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Prismaster is a tool for molding loose snus or chew into a snus/prilla without getting any snus on your fingers.

The numbered instructions below correspond to the pictures on the instructions page that comes with the product.

1. Hold the Prismaster with you thumb on the ribbed plunger/button and the logo above the thumb. You regulate the size of the prilla by sliding the button, the closer the ribbed button is to the logo, the smaller the prilla will be.

2. Push the Prismaster into the tobacco (use the end with the logo). If you wish to make your snus a little bit more packed, carefully slide the button downwards while pressing the Prismaster against the bottom of the can or another hard surface.

3. Put the Prismaster under your upper lip and push out the prilla by sliding the button. Done!

4. The Prismaster can easily be cleaned by washing it in water. You can disassemble it by pushing down the button and pressing the piston out of the sleeve.


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