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Shiro Strong Cool Mint Slim All White

Shiro Strong Cool Mint Slim All White

Are you in the mood for something minty and energizing? Shiro Strong Cool Mint Slim All White got exactly what you need. These all white and 100% tobacco free nicotine pouches deliver an icy mint combination of spearmint and menthol. This refreshing release of flavor is closely followed by a strong and stimulating nicotine kick (10 mg/portion).

These nicotine pouches uses an innovative filling made out of natural cellulose fibers. This kind of filling has several neat qualities and advantages. The pouches remain completely white throughout the whole usage, which eliminates the risk them leaving stains of your teeth. They have a somewhat dry character, this dryness minimizes the drip and ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a long time. Their slim design makes the fit comfortably and discreetly under your lip.

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Type: All White - tobacco-free
Nicotine: 10 mg/portion
Portion weight: 0.7 g
Net weight: 12 g/can


Price per Can: 6.59 USD Cans:
Price per Roll: 55.39 USD = 1 Point
Rolls(10 Cans):

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