Svenskt Exportsnus Loose

Svenskt Exportsnus Loose

The year was 1970, snus went through its own little Renaissance when the health risks associated with smoking became know to the public. Svenskt Exportsnus played a big part in the rising popularity of snus. It was milder and smoother that its competitors and it quickly became a favorite amongst Swedish snus users. It’s now finally back after 20 long years as a part of Swedish Match’s Gästspel från förr-series (Guest appearances from before).

Svenskt Exportsnus has a mild tobacco character and flavor complemented with lovely hints of rum raisin, jasmine and smoke. This tasty release of flavor is closely followed by a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (7.5 mg/g). The moist and ground tobacco blend lets you easily bake it into portions after your own liking.

You can now order your can or roll of this classic snus online right here at Limited edition!

Type: Loose
Nicotine: 7.5 mg/g
Portion weight: n/a
Snus weight: 42 g/can


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