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Swedish Match releases Chainsaw Cold White Dry

New snus: Chainsaw Cold White

The brand new Chainsaw Cold White Dry Portion is finally here! A new Swedish snus from Swedish Match with a delicious minty flavor! Chainsaw Cold White Dry has a more fresh mint flavor, but you can still feel a little sweetness. At we like this new snus a lot, but that’s no surprise as it is related to the popular Thunder snus.

As we mention this is a new extra strong snus from Swedish Match and it has a nicotine level at 22 mg/g. The white dry pouches deliver a long-lasting flavor release, but still gives less drip!

A fun fact is that Chainsaw first was released only as a Chew product, however a short time after they released Chainsaw as a Swedish snus… Of course, we can only speculate but we think it is because it is of the fresh flavor! This is indeed a new mint snus favorite!

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New snus at - Chainswaw



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Happy 4th of July!

As they say in the US - Happy 4th of July! To celebrate America's independence day we wanted to do something here at, as we have many customers over in the US that love our Swedish snus!
However, we know that all of you (all snusers) have different preferences for your snus, like some like extra strong snus, ultra strong snus, white pouches, slim
and some like their snus with mint flavor or licorice, others only use traditional Swedish snus. When we think about it we also use different snus brands like Siberia snus, Oden's snus, Thunder snus, General snus, Skruf snus and other less famous like Granit and Lundgrens.

We thought that it would be most suitable to use a discount code so you snusers can get whatever snus you like the most!

Use discount code HAPPYJULY18  in the checkout and get 10% off on your order!
This discount is valid on July 5th.

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Swedish Match latest sensation

New snus: G.3 by General Slim White Dry Super Strong

From July 1st 2018 you will find the ultra strong G.3 by General Slim White Dry Super Strong in our web shop! A Swedish snus with a traditional tobacco flavor in slim white dry pouches. This super strong snus is manufactured in Sweden by Swedish Match and is a member of Swedish Match snus series Super Strong by G.3.

General G.3 T.N.T Slim White Dry Super Strong has a light and spicy tobacco character with tones of oak, cedar, green herbs and a certain nutty touch. This Swedish snus promise the same stinging “biting-under-the-lip” sensation as all of the other snus in the Super Strong G.3 by General series. With a nicotine content of a whooping 26 mg/g, we can easily say that this Swedish snus lives up to its name! Slim white dry pouches with a 20% less drip than G.3 by General Slim White... Here at we enjoy this type of strong snus and therefore we would like to also tell you that it has in fact 30% more nicotine than G.3 Extra Strong!

To give you a more accurate image of G.3 T.N.T  Slim White Dry Super Strong we had to try this ultra strong snus. So here's our snus review of it:

As promised we feel it under the lip, however this is not like "baam", but still - we feel it and we are pretty used to strong snus! G.3 is a child of General, which is a popular classic Swedish snus. When it comes to the flavor of G.3 T.N.T we can feel some "General" flavor, but at the same time it is more similar to snus with pure tobacco flavor like Oden's. T.N.T is suitable for us who appreciate a more traditional snus packed with nicotine, but at the same time doesn't fancy pouches that drip. You should try it if these preferences suits you and maybe it is your new favorite snus!

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

Order G.3 T.N.T Slim White Dry Super Strong here!


New snus at - G.3 by General Slim White Dry Super Strong



FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Prepare for the World Cup with BuySnus

The 21st soccer world cup is around and the next weeks will be filled with sales and a contest.

Discount on snus
You have the chance to earn special coupon codes with discounts from 10% to 25%. We start with Sweden’s matches against South Korea, Germany and Mexico. For each match you’ll get at least 10% off. We will add 2% for each goal up to a total of 20%. If Sweden wins the match, you will get another 5% on top. So you have the chance to save up to 25% on your order!

The discount codes will be announced after each match and will be valid for 24 hours, so make sure to follow us closely during the world cup.

Sweden vs South Korea: 2018/06/18 – 14:00 UTC
Sweden vs Germany: 2018/06/23 – 20:00 UTC
Sweden vs Mexico: 2018/06/27 – 16:00 UTC

World Cup Contest
During this contest you have the chance to win 1 out of 3 Swedish footballs. To apply you only have to post a picture of your experience watching the FIFA World Cup 2018 on Facebook or Instagram (or both, multiple entries possible.) Use the hashtag #SnusCup2018 / #SnusCup18. We will choose the 3 most creative submissions as winners. The winners will be published on our website and social media channels.

To enter this contest you must be 18+. By entering you are giving us premission to use you photo for our own use. The winners will be announced the 15:th of July.

Good Luck!



Buysnus Soccer Player FIFA



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