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We have two fantastic news from XRANGE... General Salmiac Slim Large Portion and Grov Slim Large Portion!

Grov with its classical flavor of snus in new slim pouches and General with a delicious flavor of salmiac. You've just got to try them!

XRANGE is a snus series from Swedish Match which keeps a lower price, but still has that high quality as the rest of the snus from Swedish Match! There's a whole bunch of snus from XRANGE - check them out at the link below







Let us tell you about the white snus from Epok - white tobacco that gives a fresh feeling and doesn't stain!

You have been able to find Epok in our web shop since the autumn of 2015 with a bunch of exciting flavors, such as blueberry, juniper, coffee, licorice, lime, melon and mint. Which one is your favorite?

How does the tobacco get white? It gets white by an enviromental firendly process in the middle of Sweden! Owing to this the tobacco gets white and it also minimizes the content of unwanted substances. Of course, you'll get the same feeling under your lip with this white snus as with a original snus

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Thunder Ultra News

Say Hello to the new releases from Thunder!

We're welcoming this year's first snus from Thunder - Ultra White Dry Wintergreen Portion and Ultra White Dry Cool Mint Portion! Two flavor sensations with that extra kick of nicotine...

Thunder Ultra White Dry Wintergreen Portion has the classical flavor of wintergreen (one of the most popular flavors from Thunder), with a long-lasting fresh flavor. Thunder Ultra White Dry Portion has a delicious flavor mix of the popular frosted flavor and smooth peppermint!

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General Kardus Fäviken


Swedish Match has in collaboration with the chef Magnus Nilsson from one of the most reputable restaurants from Scandinavia, created General Kardus Fäviken; A single cut loose snus with hints of Scandinavian herbs and berries from the very best raw materials to be found. The carefully selected tobacco composition comes from Argentina, India, Guatemala, and Swedish high quality tobacco grown in Fäviken.

General Fäviken is the most exclusive snus from Swedish Match - in a limited edition!

Hurry to get this year's edition! 



General Kardus Fäviken


Thunder Frosted Nasal Snuff


Thunder Frosted Coarse nasal snuff is based on rough, dry tobaccoleaves, water and flavouring. Nasal snuff is used through your nose, but it should not be snorted - instead it should be used by gently inhailing or sniffing the tobacco one nostril at a time. The most preferable way to use it, is to take a small pich in the hole between your index finger and thumb, but Nasal Snuff can be used on many different surfaces.

Are you interested in a whole new tobacco experience?

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