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Two flavorsome newcomer from Lyft!

Lyft Strong Urban Vibe Slim & Lyft Mellow Easy Mint Slim

Here we have two newcomers from Lyft; Urban Vibe and Easy Mint. Tobacco free nicotine pouches with two different strengths and flavors that both deliver satisfying experiences in an incredibly discreet way.

Lyft Strong Urban Vibe Slim: These nicotine pouches draw their inspiration from the world of energy drinks. They deliver a refreshing flavor burst of red berries topped with tones of cranberries. An exciting combination that is enhanced by strong and stimulating nicotine kick (10 mg/portion).

Lyft Mellow Easy Mint Slim: A perfect choice for you who want something that lets the flavor take the main stage and really shine. Its nicotine pouches deliver a minty and fresh menthol flavor together with a mild and pleasant nicotine (4 mg/portion).

The tobacco free filling that Lyft uses consist of natural plant fibers. A high-quality and all-white filling that has some neat advantages. It ensures that the nicotine pouches won’t stain and that they drip minimally. Combine these qualities with their comfortable slim-size and what you get is something discreet that delivers a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

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LYFT Urban Vibe-Easy Mint



Svenskt Exportsnus - A snus icon

Svenskt Exportsnus - The comeback of a true classic

1970 was an eventful year. In Sweden colored tv-shows was now aired for 6 hours a day across the whole country for the first time, San Francisco organized the first Earth Day and Black Sabbath’s debut album revolutionized the rock-scene with its new sound, something we today call metal. It wasn’t quiet on the snus-front either. The popularity of snus was on the rise after years of stagnation and cigarettes being the predominant tobacco product on the market. With a growing consumer base came demands of milder snus since the selection of the time consisted mainly of snus with dark and robust flavors. Svenskt Exportsnus was released to meet these demands and it became an instant success with its smooth character. A firm favorite for many snus users that kept on going strong until portion snus took over during the 90’s. It’s now finally back after a 20 year long hiatus as the third installment in Swedish Match’s popular Gästspel från förr-series (Guest appearances from before). A limited edition-series of classic snus that gives them the chance to shine once again.

Svenskt Exportsnus is a medium strong (7.5 mg nicotine/g) loose snus with a mild and light character. It delivers a well-rounded tobacco flavor topped with lovely hints of rum raisin, jasmine and smoke. The grounded tobacco blend is easy to bake into portions after your own liking. It’s a bit humidified which makes it deliver an instant release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order your can or roll of Svenskt Exportsnus online right here at Limited edition!

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Svenskt Exportsnus



Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot No.4

Discreet, extra strong and refreshingly minty!

Introducing Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot No.4, a powerful and incredible discreet newcomer to Skruf’s tobacco free Super White-series. Its nicotine pouches are designed to deliver a refreshing and stimulating experience in the most discreet way possible. The Super Slim size of these pouches makes them optimized to offer a comfortable fit, so comfortable that you wouldn’t barely notice them if it weren’t for the extra strong nicotine kicks and the icy burst of mint.

The filling used consist of a natural plant fiber mix. An innovative and high quality filling that ensures the these nicotine pouches won’t stain your teeth and that they drip minimally. This low amount of drip makes sure that the energetic nicotine kicks and fresh mint flavor last for a satisfyingly long time.

You can now order your can or roll of Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot No.4 straight from our fresh stock online at

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Skruf Super White Super Slim Frozen Shot



Limited Edition - LYFT Nordic Winter

Nicotine pouches with a flavor of winter and forest

After the success of LYFT Strawberry Bloom comes a new limited edition flavor from LYFT and the manufacturer Fiedler & Lundgren, this time with a winter-theme. LYFT Nordic Winter delivers flavors from the Swedish forest flora with its hints of fresh herbs, berries and lavender complemented with subtle tone of spruce. A unique and exciting flavor combination that takes you on a hike through a snow covered taiga-forest. This nuanced and smooth release of flavor is then topped of with a pleasant and medium strong nicotine kick (6 mg/portion).

LYFT Nordic Winter’s nicotine pouches lets you enjoy the tasty flavor in a discreet way thanks to their innovative design. Their slim size makes them fit comfortably under your lip. Their all white and tobacco free plant fiber filling ensures that they won’t stain your teeth while it also minimizes the drip. This low amount drip helps to lengthen the release of both flavor and nicotine.

LYFT Nordic Winter Slim is only available for a limited time, so be sure to order yours before it’s too late!

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LYFT Nordic Winter Slim



General Onyx Gold Portion - A smoky newcomer from Swedish Match

Swedish Match has struck gold with this newcomer

Here we have a long awaited and welcomed newcomer from Swedish Match, an addition to their General Onyx-series. General Onyx Gold Portion is a high quality snus with a dark and smoky tobacco character that incorporates tones of dried fruit, tar and licorice which gives its flavor nuances and depth. This robust flavor explosion is closely followed by and medium strong and pleasant nicotine kicks (10 mg/portion).

Just as the series first snus, General Onyx Portion (now called General Onyx Silver Portion), General Onyx Gold’s portions are black but they have the same qualities as white portions. Their somewhat dry surfaces reduces the drip which in turn ensures that the release of both nicotine and flavor last for a satisfyingly long time. They’re also soft and optimized to fit comfortably under your lip.

General Onyx Gold Portion is a snus perfect for you who likes hearty flavors with clear and smoky nuances. You can now order your can or roll of this fantastic snus in our shop online right here at

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Onyx Gold Portion



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