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Jakobsson's Special Vinbär - a strong and black currant flavored newcomer

A flavorful newcomer to the Jakobsson's Special-series!

Jakobsson's snus from the Swedish manufacturer Gotlandssnus is a brand famous for its delicious and nuanced flavors. Their new Jakobsson's Special Vinbär is a strong (14 mg nicotine/portion) original portion snus that deliver a fruity black currant flavor. A flavor that takes you back to hot and beautiful summer days.

A quick and long lasting release of both flavor and nicotine

These original portions somewhat humidified character ensures that they deliver an almost instant release of its stimulating nicotine kicks and wonderful black currant flavor. Combine this with the portions soft and comfortable fit and you'll get something just as perfect to enjoy when you're relaxing at home or when you're in the mood to spice up the night out with something extra flavorsome.

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Jakobsson's Special Vinbär



A flavorful newcomer to Skrufs tobacco free selection!

A tobacco free, strong and rhubarb flavored beauty from Skruf

Skruf Super White Slim Red Rhuby No.3 (Strong) is the latest addition to Skrufs growing selection of tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches. This new and strong variant deliver a delicious flavor of rhubarb that brings you back to hot summer days.

These innovative nicotine pouches delivers a refreshing experience tailor-made for you who loves strong nicotine kicks and fresh flavors. The filling of these pouches consists of a natural fiber mix that provides the same rich and satisfying feel as a traditional tobaco filling, but in a fresher and more discreet way. The all white character minimizes the drip and makes sure that the pouches won’t stain your teeth. The extremely low drip lenghtens both the release of the sweet and tart rhubarb flavor as well as the high nicotine content. This makes Skruf Super White Slim Red Rhuby No.3 to a perfect choice when you’re in the mood for something packed with energy and delightful flavors!

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Skruf White Ruby



White Fox - Minty fresh, extra strong and 100% tobacco free!

White Fox - Extra strong, extra fresh and completely tobacco free!

Here we have the latest from GN Tobacco, the manufacturer behind popular snus like Oden’s, Siberia och Islay Whisky Snus. They’ve mastered the art of delivering refreshing flavors and powerful nicotine kicks, and they’ve put their expertise to good use with their first entry on the All White scene. White Fox is a minty beauty that delivers energetic and extra strong nicotine kicks!

White Fox comes in innovative and tobacco free nicotine pouches designed to deliver a discreet and refreshing experience. The slim format of the pouches provides a comfortable fit, the lack of tobacco eliminates any potential risk of getting stains on your teeth and the all white character minimizes the drip significantly. The low drip lenghtens both the icy mint flavor and the stimulating release of nicotine (12 mg/portion). These great qualities makes White Fox deliver the same rich and satisfying sensation as a traditional snus but in a more convenient and discreet way!  

So if you’re looking for something exhilarating and refreshing, try White Fox! You can now order your can or roll right here at

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White Fox



G.4 gets a flavorsome addition

G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion

An outstanding flavor combination

G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion by Swedish Match is the latest addition to our All White snus selection. Just as with the other snus from G.4 , these Slim portions are designed for a comfortable and discreet fit while they minimizes the drip to almost zero. Combine this with the All White character and you get a snus that won't leave any brown stains on your teeth. This low amount of drip also makes sure that its flavor of spicy ginger and fruity blood orange topped with hints of Seville orange and carrot last for a satisfying long time. Blush packs a high nicotine content (9.5 mg/portion) and delivers strong and energetic nicotine kicks.

Treat yourself to something extra tasty and stimulating by ordering G.4 Blush Slim All White Portion online right here at

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Nytt snus - ett starkt Göteborgs Rapé i vita portioner!



EPOK changes name to LYFT

LYFT - The new version of EPOK

EPOK has changed name to LYFT, but that’s not all that has changed because now it’s whiter and even fresher! LYFT and its tobacco free nicotine pouches delivers the same energetic and flavorsome experience as EPOK Snus. All the characteristics from EPOK is still here (well, except from the tobacco) but they've been tuned to perfection!

What is new?

In order to enhance the whitness of this already All White product some fine and innovative adjustment had to be done to the production process. Gone is the small amount of refined tobacco found in EPOK and to fill that hole more natural fibers from pine and eucalyptus has been added. This filling provides the same rich and full feel as before but now it truly stays white from start to finish. This completely reduces potential stain and eliminates the need to keep the pouches refrigerated in order for them to stay fresh.

White, Whiter, LYFT

Combine all of these innovative qualities and you get something positively marvelous. LYFT and its tobacco free and slim nicotine pouches are optimized for a discreet and comfortable fit. The completely white character keeps the drip close to zero, which in turn prolongs both the refreshing flavor-release and energetic nicotine-kick. LYFT amplifies all the great and beloved attributes from EPOK and takes them the next level. Experience the same savory burst of flavor and satisfying nicotine-kick, but in a whiter and fresher fashion with LYFT!

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LYFT Nicotine Pouches



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