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New Kaliber Snus from Swedish Match!

More of everything - Kaliber+

Kaliber - launched in 2011 by Swedish Match – is a modern alternative snus series for those looking for a value priced portion snus without wanting to compromise on quality. Kaliber comes in several varieties and the two new Kaliber, called Kaliber+, come in both an original and a white portion version. Both have portion sizes of 0,9 grams and there are 20 well-filled portions in each can. The cans come with a full-sized lid with a larger compartment for used portions. The stronger Kaliber+ has a good release of nicotine at a level of 14 mg/g.

Kaliber+ with its robust tobacco flavor is expected to be a good replacement for Mustang, the snusbrand that is being discontinued this spring.

All Kaliber snus is produced in accordance with Swedish Match's high quality standards (GothiaTek), which is a guarantee for good snus!

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Nytt snus från Swedish Match!



New Snus from Swedish Match!


OMNI by General is the first all-white snus by Swedish Match. The white portions are small and dry (<5% moisture), and thanks to a new manufacturing technology, OMNI provides the same nicotine experience as traditional snus once the portions have been moistened under the lip. OMNI comes in two different strengths, regular and extra strong.

OMNI portions are size wise quite small: each weigh 0,4 g and their nicotine content is 3 mg respectively 6 mg. The 3-mg portion is perceived approximately as strong as a regular strength General pouch with 8 mg/g nicotine and the 6-mg portion is said to be equivalent to an extra strong snus with 15 mg/g nicotine.

The contents are a mix of cellulose fibers, a smaller share of tobacco and food grade approved additives. OMNI does not have to be stored cool like other snus products.

OMNI comes in two flavors, peppermint and salty licorice with hints of fudge - which OMNI would you like to try?

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Nytt snus från Swedish Match!



G.3 by general - new design

G.3 - an updated third generation

G.3 has continuously added new varieties to the product line, and at the moment there are 7 different versions of G.3. Sometimes it might be difficult to separate the different cans from each other, which is something that Swedish Match now is trying to fix. The new cans are arriving one by one at our warehouse and there are a few changes that might be good to know!

All G.3s are portion snus in a large but thinner format called "Slim", and one of the varieties is even "Super Slim". The portions lasts for a long time and are less runny than the ordinary Swedish Match portions. After the redesign, the white portion snus comes in cans that are white or silver, and the original portion snus comes in black cans - smart!

The nicotine strength of G.3 ranges between strong and extra strong (14-20 mg/g) and that is now stated on the cans with 3 or 4 red dots on a 4 point graded scale.

Besides the traditional tobacco centric General flavor, G.3 comes in mint and licorice flavors, and they are now called Blue Mint and Purple Licorice.

So, in conclusion - it will be easier to identify which G.3 can is which - but the snus is still just as good!


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Thunder X - superstarkt snus



New unique snus from Lundgrens!

Lundgren's Infusion 2016 Limited Edition

Lundgrens Infusion Limited Edition 2016 is an exciting new white portion snus with a mellow and round tobacco character with a base of lavender. The aroma is enhanced with spicy ginger, juniperberries and also hints of the flavor of wood and resin from the eucalyptus tree. This is the first time ever a snus is flavored with the help of steam infusion and the enthusiasts at Fiedler & Lundgrens have developed a new method to make this possible. Steam passes through a layer of carefully selected lavender from France, juniper berries from Macedonia, eucalyptus from Portugal and ginger from Nigeria, after which the flavorful steam is transferred to the snus where the flavors are bound into the tobacco on a molecular level. This process makes for a more intense and complex flavor.

The snus comes in white portions that are dry on the surface for a long lasting flavor release. Only a total of 3000 cans are produced - this is a very limited edition! The snus comes in a metal can, which in its turn comes in a nice gift box.

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New Lundgrens snus!



Gotländskt Julesnus

'Tis the season!

The snus manufacturer Gotlandssnus have a seasonal snus line, only produced during specific periods of the year. The seasonal snus products are Easter snus, Summer snus, Fall snus and Christmas snus  - all in limited editions!

Påsksnus (Easter) has a flavor of orange & chocolate with a little bit of sweetness added to it. (produced in March)

Sommarsnus (Summer) has a light tobacco character with notes of raspberries, strawberries and herbs. (produced in June)

Höstsnus (Fall/Autumn) has a distinct flavor of apple and notes of dark wild grown berries. (produced in September)

The Christmas snus, Julesnus, is more popular than ever. Flavors such as mulled wine, cinnamon and Christmas spices give the Julesnus a taste of Christmas. In original portions for a quick release of flavor and strength.

This is a limited edition snus - only available during the winter.

Type: Original Portion
Nicotine: 10 mg/g
Portion weight: 1 g
Snus weight: 20 g/can

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Julesnus - a must have for Christmas



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