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New snus - StrongCola Special Edition

Special Editon Cola Snus

Jakobsson's Special Strong Cola with a clear flavor of Cola-popsicle with a bit of sweetness and hints of citrus, in combination with a great traditional snus flavor!

The nicotine content is 14 mg/g which classifies this snus as a strong one. In the can you will find 20 portions of 1 gram each and the portions are moistened on the surface for a quick release of flavor and strength.

Special Edition - sold for a limited period of time!

Jakobsson's Special - ColaStrong!


Nytt SUPER SLIM snus från Swedish Match!



New Snus from Thunder in Slim Portion Format!

Thunder Slim Original - Cool Mint and Frosted

Slim format portions, discreet and comfortable, are getting more popular by the day, but so far slim portions by Thunder have only been white dry. Now, V2 Tobacco has developed two varieties that come in brown/moist original portions!

These new snus come in two typical Thunder flavors, Cool Mint and Frosted, and they both are combined with a mild, very pleasant tobacco flavor.

Cool Mint, or Cool M as V2 calls it nowadays, is a very much liked flavor of mild peppermint.

Frosted is the mint flavor by Thunder, by far the most popular one - a refreshing spearmint!

Do you appreciate

  • the long and narrow slim format
  • brown orignalportions
  • mint flavor
  • a high level of nicotine (16mg/g)?
Then this is a snus for you!

Try out the new Thunder!

New snus from Thunder!



New Snus series from GN Tobacco

New snus with flavor and strength

GN Organic - a new flavorful snus series from GN Tobacco - the first flavor to be launched is clove - aromatized with pure organic cloves from Indonesia.

GN Organic Clove Explosion White A very strong snus with a nicotine content of 36 mg/g and an intense flavor of cloves. In white dry portions (appr. 30% moisture) for a very low drip and a long-lasting release of flavor and strength.

GN Organic Clove Explosion White Dry  A very strong snus with a nicotine content of 27 mg/g and an intense flavor of cloves. In white portions (appr. 50% moisture) for a low drip and a long-lasting release of flavor and strength.

Try out Clove Explosion!

New snus from GN Tobacco!



New Kaliber Snus from Swedish Match!

More of everything - Kaliber+

Kaliber - launched in 2011 by Swedish Match – is a modern alternative snus series for those looking for a value priced portion snus without wanting to compromise on quality. Kaliber comes in several varieties and the two new Kaliber, called Kaliber+, come in both an original and a white portion version. Both have portion sizes of 0,9 grams and there are 20 well-filled portions in each can. The cans come with a full-sized lid with a larger compartment for used portions. The stronger Kaliber+ has a good release of nicotine at a level of 14 mg/g.

Kaliber+ with its robust tobacco flavor is expected to be a good replacement for Mustang, the snusbrand that is being discontinued this spring.

Kaliber+ Original has a dark and spicy tobacco character with hints of berries and bergamot, as well as slightly cocoa and bitter orange.

Kaliber+ White has a light and spicy tobacco character with clear hints of bergamot and tea, as well as slightly rose and cardamom.

All Kaliber snus is produced in accordance with Swedish Match's high quality standards (GothiaTek), which is a guarantee for good snus!

Buy the new Kaliber+

Nytt snus från Swedish Match!



New Snus from Swedish Match!


OMNI by General is the first all-white snus by Swedish Match. The white portions are small and dry (<5% moisture), and thanks to a new manufacturing technology, OMNI provides the same nicotine experience as traditional snus once the portions have been moistened under the lip. OMNI comes in two different strengths, regular and extra strong.

OMNI portions are size wise quite small: each weigh 0,4 g and their nicotine content is 3 mg respectively 6 mg. The 3-mg portion is perceived approximately as strong as a regular strength General pouch with 8 mg/g nicotine and the 6-mg portion is said to be equivalent to an extra strong snus with 15 mg/g nicotine.

The contents are a mix of cellulose fibers, a smaller share of tobacco and food grade approved additives. OMNI does not have to be stored cool like other snus products.

OMNI comes in two flavors, peppermint and salty licorice with hints of fudge - which OMNI would you like to try?

Buy the new OMNI

Nytt snus från Swedish Match!



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