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Mörkbrunt Snus Loose - The Return Of A Swedish Classic

The comeback of a true classic!

The year is 1916. The workers over at J.L Tiedemanns snus factory situaded in the woodlands of the Swedish province of Värmland and the small town of Charlottenberg just released their first batch of Mörkbrunt Snus. Little did they know that this smoky and tasty snus would still be relevant a century later. In 1941 the production moved to Gothenburg and during the following years Mörkbrunt Snus became one of Tobaksmonopolets most recognized and popular brands amongst loose snus users. But everything that goes up must eventually come down. With the introduction and rising popularity of portion snus combined with an increasing competition from other brands the production stopped in 1998. A sad year for all loose snus lovers. But hey! Every fairy tale must have a good ending, right?

Swedish Matchs new and limited edition line of snus (Gästspel från förr) gives well renowned and classical snus a chance to shine once more. Mörkbrunt Snus Loose is the first one out the gates. A savory, smoky and dark loose snus complemented with tones of dried fruits and leather. A perfect chose for those who want to experience an authentic and oldschool Swedish Snus. Mörkbrunt Snus Loose is only available for a limited time so be sure to try this beloved classic before its too late!


Type: Loose
Nicotine: 7,5 mg/g
Portion weight: n/a
Snus weight: 42 g/can

Buy Mörkbrunt Snus Loose here...

Mörkbrunt Snus Loose



Limited Edition - Skruf Slim Nordic White Xtra Strong Portion

Limited Edition!

The Nordic consider two things sacred, snus and licorice. So what happens if you combine these two? You get Skruf Slim Nordic White Xtra Strong Portion! An extra strong and white Slim-portion snus that combines spicy tobacco with licorice for a truly nordic snus experience.

This snus is only sold in selected stores and for a limited time, so be sure to try it before it's too late!


Type: White Slim Portion
Nicotine: Extra Strong
Portion weight: Appr. 0,7 g
Snus weight: 16,8 g/can

Buy Skruf Slim Nordic White Xtra Strong Portion

Skruf Slim Nordic White Xtra Strong Portion



Finally back: Jakobsson's Glögg & Kanel

Jakobsson's Glögg & Kanel!

Here comes a fantastic Christmas gift tip for you who has a snus loving friend or for you who wants to treat yourself with something extra. Jakobsson’s Glögg & Kanel is a seasonal favorite from Gotlandssnus, and it’s easy to understand why. The normal strenght portions deliver a high quality tobacco blend richly flavored with sweet and fruity tones of mulled wine complemented with spicy hints of cinnamon. The portions are humidified for a quick and longlasting flavor release together with a medium strong and pleasant nicotine-kick.

Jakobsson’s Glögg & Kanel is a perfect choice for those who want a piece of Christmas with them wherever they go.


Type: Origigan Portion
Nicotine: 10 mg/g
Portion weight: 1 g
Snus weight: 20 g/can

Jakobsson's Glögg & Kanel

Jakobsson's Glögg & Kanel



New Snus - Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim

Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim!

Epok has made a big impression amongst snus users all over the globe. Their all white, slim and low dripp portions has revolutionized the game and delivers an unique and excellent snus experience. Epok offers a big selection of all white snus in a varity of longlasting flavors and strenghts. But one thing was lacking, an extra strong snus that truly delivers an energizing nicotine kick. To fill that gap comes Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim. An extra strong (16 mg/g nicotine) snus that delivers a quick and longlasting release of both nicotine and a refreshing mint flavor.

As always, the portions are designed for minimal dripping and a comfortable fit under your lip. The circle is now complete!


Type: White Slim Portion - White tobacco
Nicotine: 16 mg/g
Portion weight: 0,7 g
Snus weight: 16,8 g/can

Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim

Epok X-Strong Freeze Slim



14 years BuySnus - It's party time!

BuySnus turns 14! This calls for a celebration.

How time flies, another year has passed. 14 years of BuySnus, 14 years of delivering the best Swedish snus to you. As usual, this will be celebrated appropriately!

Of course we will celebrate BuySnus this week, but first and foremost we celebrate you, our customers, because without you all this would not be possible. That's why we have mega deals on (almost) everything in our shop all week long. Up to 50% discount! Up to 50% discount!

We say thank you for 14 great years and raise our glasses to at least 14 more!

*offer valid on whole rolls, max. 5 rolls

The party ends on Sunday, October 7th 2018 at 23:59:59 UTC.

Get your snus now!


14 Years BuySnus - BIRTHDAY SALE!



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