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Epok Strong Ice Cool Mint Slim White

News From Epok! 

Epok has now released a long awaited stronger (14mg/g) version of the popular white tobacco snus. This snus provides a refreshing minty snusexperience with tones of tobacco and butterscotch, this is a strong snus with a lot of flavor!

Epok is a revolution within snus - purified, white tobacco that doesn't stain, a snus that does not have to be kept cool and doesn't drip - but delivers nicotine just as effectively as traditional snus.

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Offroad Summer Edition Coola

Cola snus as limited edition

This summer's news from Offroad is an exciting snus with a cool cola flavor as a limited edition! White pouches for less drip, which provides a long lasting flavor.

Offroad is manufactured by the same company as Thunder, so you might recognize the cola flavor from Thunder Coola Extra Strong Portion in Offroad's summer edition. It's almost the same flavor but as a milder alternative with white pouches and a lower nicotine level. Offroad is known for its rich flavors and long flavor releases!

Do you enjoy a coke now and then? Then you MUST try the brand new Offroad Cool a White Portion... But do remember that it's a limited edition - first come first served.


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Let us introduce the latest snus brand in our shop - Kapten! A Swedish snus brand that has won the hearts of a lots of swedes since it was launched. Now you'll find Kapten's extrastrong snus in our shop too! Four tasty portion snus with a high content of nicotine and white pouches - Bon appetit...

We offer the following snus from Kapten:

- Kapten Vit Extra Stark Portion

- Kapten Melon Vit Extra Stark Portion
- Kapten Mint Vit Extra Stark Portion
- Kapten Salmiak Vit Extra Stark Portion


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Summer Snus

Now it's official - summer is here!

Astronomers and meteorologists may have their ways of defining the seasons, but we believe that the snus manufacturer Gotlandssnus has a better way of doing it.

The summer snus of 2016 has arrived and once you put one of these original portions in and experience that flavor of berries and herbs there is no doubt - summer has begun! This year's summer snus is a little bit different than the previous ones, the flavor of 2016 is called Summer Berries and tastes like strawberries, raspberries and herbs. The tobacco flavor is light and the nicotine level is regular (1%).

The seasonal snuses from Gotlandssnus are only produced during special periods of the year. When summer is over, the Fall snus will show up followed by Christmas snus and in the spring the Easter snus will appear, all helping you define what season it is!

For our friends and customers in the Southern Hemisphere, you may have winter outside, but with summer snus under you lip there will be waves hitting your toes in the sand, convertibles cruising and berries ready to be picked in the garden. We will gladly share some of our summer with you!

Summer snus is only available for a short period, so make sure to place your order in time!

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Summer is Here!



G.3 SUPER SLIM Mint Strong

The new G.3 Super Slim Mint Strong snus is here! It is a mint flavored snus in a new format, with a long and thin pouch that has an optimized shape to fit discretely under your lip. Even though it is significantly smaller in size the experience of nicotine is equivalent to other slim pouches.

The snus has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of peppermint, along with hints of herbs and vanilla. The dry surface of the pouch combined with the moist content gives low salivation and a long lasting release of flavor.

Swedish Match has presented the third generation snus by General, and it is therefore calle G.3, short for "Generation 3 by General". The first generation is the loose snus, launched in 1866 by Johan A. Boman, and that snus is still going strong. The second generation, the portion snus, was introduced in the 1970's. And now there is the third generation, a snus with several new characteristics that just now has introduced a new member to the family.

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