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Velo changes names and design!

Velo changes names and design

Velo changes names and design

If you have been following the development of Velo’s tobacco-free nicotine pouches, you probably already know that the company is no stranger to name changes. Since the start of Epok in 2014, they have switched to Lyft and as late as 2022 it was time again, this time to Velo. This time it is the product line that is facing changes.

The manufacturer British American Tobacco (BAT) has announced that it will update the names and design of large parts of its range at the start of 2024. The reason for this is to give each product a more distinct character and flavor profile.

New names - Same flavors

However there is no reason to worry that your favorite flavors will disappear from the range. The changes will only apply to the names of the products and the design of the cans. The range of interesting flavor combinations that we are used to see from Velo will remain the same.

In order to ease the transition, Velo has now added an interesting feature to six of their most popular flavors. By removing the standard patch on the top of the box, the upcoming design on the box is made visible.

Recognize your favorite Velo Snus

19 new names

In total, there are 19 products that are now undergoing an update of both name and design, you can find the full list below!

Velo Mini Royal Purple -> Velo Groovy Grape Mini

VELO Mini Royal Purple becomes VELO Groovy Grape Mini

Velo Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim -> Velo Crispy Peppermint Slim

VELO Ice Cool Mint Strong Slim becomes VELO Crispy Peppermint Slim

Velo Mint Mint Slim -> Velo Witty Spearmint Slim

VELO Mint Slim becomes VELO Witty Spearmint Slim

Velo Liquorice Strong Slim -> Velo Lofty Liquorice Slim

VELO Liquorice Strong Slim becomes VELO Lofty Liquorice Slim

Velo Freeze X-Strong -> Velo Mighty Peppermint

VELO Freeze X-Strong becomes VELO Mighty Peppermint

Velo Tropic Breeze Slim -> Velo Breezy Mango Slim

VELO Tropic Breeze Slim becomes VELO Breezy Mango Slim

Velo Ruby Berry -> Velo Blushy Berry

VELO Ruby Berry becomes VELO Blushy Berry

Velo Caribbean Spirit Strong -> Velo Twisted Pineapple

VELO Caribbean Spirit Strong becomes VELO Twisted Pineapple

Velo Elderflower Spritz -> Velo Zesty Elderflower

VELO Elderflower Spritz becomes VELO Zesty Elderflower

Velo Eucalyptus X-Strong -> Velo Zingy Eucalyptus

VELO Eucalyptus X-Strong becomes VELO Zingy Eucalyptus

Velo Freeze Ultra -> Velo Mighty Peppermint 14 mg

VELO Freeze ULTRA becomes VELO Mighty Peppermint 14mg

Velo Freeze Max -> Velo Mighty Peppermint 17 mg

VELO Freeze MAX becomes VELO Mighty Peppermint 17mg

Velo Cool Storm -> Velo Peppermint Storm

VELO Cool Storm becomes VELO Peppermint Storm

Velo Frosty Grapefruit -> Velo Arctic Grapefruit

VELO Frosty Grapefruit becomes VELO Arctic Grapefruit

Velo Iced Melon Mini -> Velo Wintery Watermelon Mini

VELO Iced Melon Mini becomes VELO Wintery Watermelon Mini

Velo Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong -> Velo Lime Flame

VELO Fresh Jalapeno Slim Strong becomes VELO Lime Flame

Velo Royal Purple Slim Strong -> Velo Groovy Grape

VELO Royal Purple Slim Strong becomes VELO Groovy Grape

Velo Easy Mint Mini -> Velo Spiffy Spearmint

VELO Easy Mint Mini becomes VELO Spiffy Spearmint

Velo Ice Cool Mini -> Velo Crispy Peppermint Mini

VELO Ice Cool Mini becomes VELO Crispy Peppermint Mini

You can find all of your favorite products from Velo here at BuySnus!



Kelly White – A tobacco free brand with delicious flavors!


Kelly White – A tobacco free brand with delicious flavors!

Did you notice the plain white snus-cans here at Buysnus? This is the design of the swedish brand Kelly White. The white color connects three features of the brand: the white color of the tobacco free nicotine pouches, the design of  the can, and last but not least the name of the brand.

Right now there are four different kinds of Kelly White available: Enjoy two varieties of fresh mint flavor and two with a fruity touch. The different nicotine content is visually displayed by stars on the cans lid. One star - expect a mild nicotine kick. Two stars – here we go with a medium strong snus- Three of four stars – enjoy strong nicotine kicks.

Let´s have a look on the different tastes:

Kelly White Cool Mint Slim delivers fresh mint flavor.

Kelly White Sparkling Strawberry Slim – expect delicious strawberry -champagne-flavor.

Kelly Sweet Mint Slim – a flavor combination of fresh mint and sweet melon.

Kelly White Sweet Peach Slim – enjoy sweet peach flavor. 

Are you curious now? Check the new Kelly White brand and order tobacco free Kelly White snus right here at Buysnus!



Winter news!

Highlights from this winter

The winter of 2022 has come to an end, and during this cold season we have seen some exciting additions to our big selection of products. Snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches from already established and famous brands, as well as newcomers from some new challengers!


VID is a tobacco free and all-white brand from the Swedish manufacturer Kurbits Snus. VID’s first batch of products offer a big and varied selection of tasty and refreshing flavors. Here you’ll find the powerful and minty VID Arctic Blast Extra Strong, the fruity VID Cool Citrus Strong and VID Fruit Fusion Strong as well as the delicious and flavorsome VID Fresh Cola Strong and VID Velvet Strong.

Click here to see all products from VID!


T45 – A nicotine packed brand of snus from the Swedish manufacturer Kurbits Snus designed with you who’s looking for a stronger snus experience in mind! The snus from T45 use powerful tobacco blends that incorporates pure mint aromas and real menthol crystals for a refreshingly cool release of flavor. T45 offers a big selection of snus jam-packed with stimulating nicotine and intense mint flavors: T45 Cold Mint Extremely Strong White, T45 Cool Mint Extra Strong White, T45 Green Mint Extra Strong White and T45 Peppermint Extra Strong White.

Click here to see all products from T45!


Skruf Super White Fresh Max #6 Regular – Tobacco free nicotine pouches from the Swedish snus-giant Skruf designed to max out your experience both when it comes to flavor and the deliverance of nicotine. Its all-white and regular sizes nicopods are filled to the seams with Skruf’s popular and refreshing “Fresh”-mint flavor, and they deliver ultra-strong nicotine kicks!

Click here to learn more about Skruf Super White Fresh Max #6 Regular!


HIT is a tobacco free brand from the popular manufacturer GN Tobacco famous for its nicotine packed brands Odens and Siberia, and HIT is no exception when it come to power and nicotine content. Today HIT offers a big selection of fruity and tasty flavors that all deliver intense nicotine kicks (15 mg/portion), and we’re looking forward to see what HIT has in store for the future.

Click here to see all products from HIT!


Fumi from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Brothers is a tobacco free brand that during its relative short time on the market has made a name for itself with its tasty and exciting flavor combinations. Fumi has now finally released strong variants of its popular Salty-series. Here you’ll find fruity flavors complemented by delicious tones of salty licorice, and they all deliver powerful and stimulating nicotine kicks.

Click here to see all Fumi Salty Strong products!


DOPE - A dope name for a dope brand from the manufacturer Consumer Brands International. Dope’s tobacco free, all-white and discreet nicotine pouches deliver powerful nicotine kicks together with refreshing flavors such as the cool and minty Dope Freese Strong Slim and Dope Ice Cool Strong Slim as well as fruity flavor combinations such as Dope Ice Mango Strong Slim and Lime Smash Strong Slim.

Click here to see all products from Dope!


Snatch is a new, exciting and modern brand from the manufacturer Consusmer Brands International that delivers fresh, tasty and satisfyingly long-lasting flavors. In Snatch’s selection of tobacco free and all-white nicotine pouches you’ll find flavors such as Snatch Chilli Mint Strong Slim, Snatch Citrus Strong Slim, Snatch Forest Fruits Strong Slim and Snatch Frozen Strong Slim. One thing that they all got in common excluding their discreet and slim-sized nicopods is that they all deliver strong and stimulating nicotine kicks.

Click here to see all products from Snatch!



Newcomers of 2021!

Highlights of 2021

2021 has in many ways been a slow and uncertain time with all its lockdowns and restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic, it’s almost like the world has pressed the paus-button. But you can’t say these things about the snus market because the manufacturers have been hard at work pumping out one new product after another! We at BuySnus have released a whole bunch of new flavors and brands, both when it comes to snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches. The list of new releases during 2021 is long, and we thought it could be a good idea to give you a taste and a little more information about some of the more popular newcomers!

Odens and Siberia – Now as mini-portion snus

Odens and Siberia are two highly popular snus brand from the Swedish manufacturer GN Tobacco famous for their powerful and intense nicotine kicks, and they have now released some incredibly discreet additions! Odens Extreme Cold Mini White Dry, Siberia Extremely Strong Mini White Dry and Siberia X-tremely Black Mini White Dry deliver flavors we recognize and love, they have the same high mg/g nicotine content as their regular sized counter parts, but now they come in small mini-portions optimized for a comfortable and discreet fit. These mini sized snus portions from Odens and Siberia are perfect for you who like the stimulating rush of an intense kick and who want to enjoy it in the most discreet way possible!

VELO – New name, same tasty flavors and satisfying kicks

One of the biggest news and changes last year was that LYFT changed its name to VELO. A gradual change of name that is happening right now, and if you’re a LYFT-fan you got nothing to worry about. VELO offers the same high-quality and discreet nicotine pouches, it delivers the same tasty and long-lasting flavors and the same satisfying and stimulating kicks. You’ll still find your favorites at BuySnus, but now with new names: LYFT Strong Ice Cool Mint Slim --> VELO Ice Cool Strong Slim, LYFT X-Strong Freeze Slim --> VELO Freeze X-Strong Slim and some newcomers such as VELO X-Freeze Ultra Strong Regular and Velo Urban Vibe X-Strong Slim. Velo is the next step in the manufacturer BAT’s development of all-white portions that started with Epok!

General Harvest – Snus by General crafted with carefully selected and high-quality tobacco

General Harvest is a premium quality snus-series from Swedish Match and the iconic brand General designed for you who want to treat yourself to something exclusive with a rich tobacco flavor. The snus from General Harvest use carefully selected tobacco from South America, and they incorporate tones such as roasted cacao, rose hip and leather which gives them complex and nuanced flavor profiles. General Harves is available as an original portion snus, General Harvest Original, and as a white portion snus, General Harvest Original White.

77 Pouches – Tobacco free, discreet and a huge selection of flavors

The tobacco free brand 77 Pouches offers an impressive and big selection of nicotine pouches that come in many different flavors and strengths that varies from medium- to extra strong. With 77 you’ll find tasty and exciting flavors such as classic tobacco, cool mint, sweet cola & vanilla and many more. 77’s all-white, slim and incredibly discreet nicotine pouches are designed for a comfortable fit, and just like other all-white nicopods, they won’t stain. With a selection like this we can guarantee that there is a 77-product for every taste and strength-preference.

ZoneX – A new all-white brand from the snus giant Skruf

Enter the zone with ZoneX! This tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches from the Swedish manufacturer Skruf was developed with the British market in mind, and finally the opportunity has arrived to show this British mega-hit to the rest of the world. With a reputable manufacturer such as Skruf behind ZoneX you can rest assured that these discreet slim-nicopods are of absolute highest quality, and that they deliver long-lasting flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks. ZoneX is at the moment available in three different strengths: medium, strong and extra strong, and in three refreshing flavors: Berry Fresh, Mint Breeze and ColdBlast!

LOOP – A brand that grows with style

Loop by the manufacturer Another Snus Factory is a tobacco free brand that burst on the scene only a couple of years ago, which sometimes can be hard to believe considering Loop’s popularity. Loop has made a name for itself with its innovative approach, high-quality and exciting flavors, and there has been a real buzz around Loop last year. We got several newcomers, both when it comes to flavors, strengths and portion sizes. How about the spicy LOOP Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong and LOOP Habanero Mint Extra Strong or the discreet and mini-sized Loop Mint Mania Mini, LOOP Jalapeno Lime Mini and Loop Mango Tango Mini.

Skruf PWR – Powerful snus with classic flavors

Skruf PWR is, as the name suggest, a powerful snus-series from the popular Skruf brand and the Swedish manufacturer with the same name! Skruf PWR offer portion snus bursting to the seams with stimulating nicotine that deliver classic snus flavor with robust and rich tobacco characters. Skruf PWR is available in extra strong variants, both as an original portion snus and as a white portion snus, but also as an ultra-strong original portion snus variant perfect for you who want to take your nicotine experience to the next level.

XQS – Nicotine pouches with a passion for flavor

Flavor is the name of the game when one talks about XQS! A tobacco free brand with all-white, slim and discreet nicotine pouches that offers a big and varied selection of tasty, exciting and unique flavors. Choice between flavors such as Blueberry Mint, Cactus Sour and Fizzy Cola.

Swag – A tobacco free brand with a taste of the future

Swag is a tobacco free brand with all-white nicotine pouches from AM Swedish, the manufacturer that is behind the nicotine packed 24K-snus! Swag is today available in two different strengths: medium- and extra strong, and you can choose between flavors such as the fruity Swag Fresh Red and the ice-cold mint flavored Swag Minto.

Grant – Tobacco free nicotine pouches with many options

Grant is a tobacco free brand from the manufacturer Kordula with a big and expanding selection of nicotine pouches with a big focus of discretion and flavor. Grant’s slim and all-white nicopods are designed for an optimal fit and they come in different strengths ranging from mild to ultra-strong! With Grant you can choose between flavors such as cool mint, fruity orange and earthy hemp just to name a few.

Helwit – A modern and thoughtful brand

Helwit is a tobacco free and modern brand from the Swedish manufacturer Yoik AB with nicotine pouches ready for tomorrow! Helwit achieves this ambitious goal by having a production with a low carbon footprint, a fresh and clean design, and well-balanced flavors. A brand created to meet the high demands of both today and the future.

This was a small smorgasbord with some our new releases during 2021, and it’s a big and varied selection of both snus and tobacco free nicotine pouches. Maybe you’ll already tried and found a liking to some of them, and if you haven’t had the chance yet we're sure that there is a newcomer for every taste and preference.



The latest from Siberia!

Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion - An extremely strong newcomer with a classic flavor!

Buckle up and get ready, because we have some exciting news for all Siberia-fans out there! Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion is the latest addition to GN Tobacco’s popular and nicotine packed snus brand. It delivers the same extremely strong nicotine kicks (43 mg/g) that have made the snus from Siberia famous all over the world, but this time with a new flavor. Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion has a dark and full-bodied tobacco character which gives it a robust and classic snus flavor. Its humidified original portions are designed to provide an instant and intense release of both flavor and nicotine. Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion, a perfect choice for you who likes traditional flavors and who loves the stimulating rush of a truly powerful nicotine kick!

Click here for---> Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion

Siberia -80 Degrees Black Portion



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