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Lightning has struck - again!

By popular demand, Thunder White Cool Mint Extra Strong Portion is finally back in stock here with us at BuySnus! We can understand why this snus is so popular, with its long lasting and smooth peppermint flavor combined with the powerful Thunder strength of 16mg/g nicotine!
Thunder Snus is manufactured in Denmark and is one of the strongest snus brands in Scandinavia, especially regarding the nicotine strength. Compared to traditional snus the nicotine level is twice as high, and this is accomplished naturally by using a larger percentage of tobacco leaves in each gram of Thunder Snus. This results in a hearty, great tasting snus loaded with natural nicotine. No pharmaceutical nicotine or other undesirable additives are ever used in Thunder Snus.

Thunder is the snus brand for all those who expect more from their snus - a long lasting taste and extra strenght!

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Read more about Mackmyra HERE

General Mackmyra is here!

Snus and whiskey, General and Mackmyra: Swedish Match's General Mackmyra has come, with a promise to fulfill our deep, deep desire for a new, grand whiskey snus, even Swedish Match's finest yet, according to Carl Egeberg, brand leader at Swedish Match.

“We can guarantee that General Mackmyra is the finest whisky snus that Swedish Match has ever made. Our success is the result of Swedish Match’s vast experience and knowledge of snus production, and Mackmyra’s entrepreneurship and willingness to experiment in a highly traditional niche. We formed a product development team of Master Blenders from both Swedish Match and Mackmyra who learned from each other in their quest to find a carefully balanced blend of General’s characteristic flavor and Mackmyra’s malt whisky, Swedish Ek,” he says.

Wow, Carl, that's one mighty promise, but we're all with you! No one doubts General Mackmyra, it also is the most requested, most longed for newcomer this year. The exquisite flavour is composed of rich, dark tobacco character, Mackmyra's malt whiskey, hints of dried fruit and cedar and a touch of tar and malt - if that doesn't sound promising, we don't know what does!

Mackmyra is the (pretty awesome) brand name of the whiskey producer who Swedish Match chose to collaborate with. The company was started in 1999, which makes it a young company in comparison to Swedish Match and their experience and knowledge of 150 years. But instead of focusing on age here, since that seldom is a solid foundation for a lasting relationship, let's all focus on what they do have in common: Both companies specialize in very different but well-matching fields and share the great ambition to make something grand for us to enjoy!

We're extremely hyped and look forward to hearing from you about all your personal opinions on Mackmyra, the snus you were all asking so restlessly about!

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General Mackmyra is here!



LEATHERFACE - Find out more


Icetool recently released a new, classy can made of aluminium and leather in a slim format and a confusing but fun name: LEATHERFACE! Those of you familiar with the horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre might recognize this name from the films, starring the notorious, human skin mask-wearing movie serial killer Jason "Leatherface" Sawyer, played by Gunnar Hansen in the original films.

If they came up with the name in reference to Texas Chainsaw Massacre will probably stay a mystery, but we're more than satisfied with this totally classy, non-scary newcomer with a genuine leather lid. (Chainsaw, human leather and compartment lid not included, due to the slim and discrete format.)

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Icetool Limited



NYHET: Mellgren's IPA


After a long, hot and sweaty threesome between Mellgren's, Assens Tobaksfabrik and the snus world's most reknown blender, Conny Andersson, fraternal twins were born: Mellgren's IPA Single Cut Loose and Mellgren's IPA White Portion!

A unique, sophisticated snus, of premium quality, made of cut tobacco (100 % lamina, which means that all unneccessary twigs have been removed from the blend) originating from four different countries and three different continents: Brazil, Guatemala, the United States and South Africa.

Cut tobacco is rare and hard to produce; there currently are just one, maybe two factories who have the right machinery to carry out this procedure, whereof none of them is in fact located in Sweden. To cut the tobacco, which is the secret of the luxurious Kardus snus, is an effective way to improve the flavour release.

Both Mellgren's IPA Single Cut and Mellgren's IPA White Portion have a pure taste of tobacco and include the medicinal herb verbena, which in some cultures has been and still is associated with godhood and divine powers.

The well-rounded taste has a touch of citrus, coming from the lovely Indian Pale Ale - it wouldn't be a Conny Andersson-snus if it hadn't had some beer in it, right? ;)

We're impressed and not just a little - are you? 

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Mellgren's IPA Single Cut



Odens Special Edition

ODEN'S: Extreme Cold White Dry SPECIAL!

Oden’s Extreme Cold White Dry surprised us all when it suddenly really started fighting its way to the top to become THE most popular snus, now, here at BuySnus!

GN Tobacco very timely decided to change it up a bit and release a special edition in a new can, fully made of metal. Subsequently, WE decided to throw a little party and offer you 25 % off on the Special Edition Oden’s Extreme Cold White Dry until March 22nd. Have fun! ;)




Brand New: Oden's Metal Can



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