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New Snus - XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Strong Portion!

A new and improved snus!

What happens when you mix two really tasty Swedish Match snus?
Well you get XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Strong Portion of course. This new Swedish Match snus is going to replace Göteborgs Rapé Strong White but don't be sad because this snus is the same as before but with all the good stuff from XR!
The same flavor, more nicotine and slim portions.

So head over to the store and try this bad boy out!

Type: White Portion
Nicotine: 13,5 mg/g
Portion weight: 0.9 g
Snus weight: 16,8 g/can

XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim White Strong Portion

New Snus - a strong Göteborgs Rapé in white portions!



Here comes Offroad Mini Melon White Portion!

A tasty snus in a small package!

Offroad Mini Melon White Portion is a small snus with a lot of flavor. This snus if perfect for when your on the go because of its small size, it fits perfectly in your pocket and fits even better under your lip.

This snus proves that size doesn't matter!

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

Buy Offroad Mini Melon White Portion here....


Ettan Jakt Limited Edition



Here comes Skruf Super White Slim Cassice!

Here comes a brand new all white snus!

Skruf Super White is Skrufs spin on the all white snus. Skruf has taken it one step further by making their all white snus 100% tobacco free!
This snus is very flavorfull and has a sweet flavor of black currant. Slim, all white portions for a comfortable and pleasant experience.
Of course this product contains nicotine it lands on the regular strength category, which makes this a perfect snus for everyone.

So a tobacco free snus with a sweet black currant flavor that comes in all white slim portions with a normal strength, this snus has everything!

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

Buy Skruf Super White Slim Cassice #2 here....


Ettan Jakt Limited Edition



Ettan Jakt is finally back!

Ettan Jakt is back for the Hunting season!

Imagine yourself sitting in the woods, hearing the wind haul and the rain falling against the roof of your hideout. It is in the early morning hours and the fog is thick around the fen. Whilst you wait for the mighty elk to show up you enjoy Ettan Jakt…

The first Monday of September is the first day of hunting elk in the northern parts of Sweden. Just in time for the hunting season Ettan Jakt is being released for the fourth time! Why for the hunting season you might ask? Well, Jakt means hunting in the Swedish language. Ettan Jakt is a limited edition snus from Swedish Match. It is the same classic snus as in Ettan Loose, but in a seasonal can for the autumn and the hunting season. The flavor of Ettan snus is dark and spicy, with clear tones of smoke, malt and a hint of dark chocolate.

Ettan is Sweden’s oldest snus brand and it was released in 1822. Even though time has had its impact on this Swedish snus it is still based on the original recipe by the founder Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. The recipe is simple - tobacco, salt and water.
Back in the days the Swedish snus manufacturers named their snus with quality numbers; 1, 2 and 3. When Ettan was released it was first called Ljunglöfs N:o 1, but after a while Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf released his snus again with 1:an or Ettan (1st, the first, the one) as the name of the snus. Since the autumn of 2014 Ettan Jakt has been available as a seasonal snus.

Do not wait, this is a limited edition and it can only be found in selected shops. We are happy to be able to offer this snus online during the autumn! Be a part of Sweden and take part of the Swedish tradition with this Swedish snus - Ettan Jakt.

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

Order Ettan Jakt Limited Edition today!


Ettan Jakt Limited Edition



The autumn snus from Jakobsson's is back!

Jakobsson's Apple & Forest berries - The snus with a autumnal flavour

With only a couple of weeks left of this insanly hot summer, autumn is just around the corner and will soon come knocking on the door. With it comes not only brightly coloured leafs, cooler wheather and pumpkin spiced latte, but also the long awaited Jakobsson’s autumn snus. A portion snus manufactured by Gotlandssnus with flavours of apple and forest berries that really captures that familiar leaf-strewn coziness of autumn.

Jakobsson’s and their seasonal snus line is a higly popular and appriciated tradition and its easy to understand why. The snus from Jakobsson’s always delivers premium quality snus in a variety of exciting and delightfull flavours, and the autumn snus is no exception. The fruity flavour of apple and forst berries combined with humidified puches for a quick release makes this snus from Jakobsson’s a wholesome experience . Many consider this to be a snus with a normal strenght thanks to its nicotine content of 10mg/g. Not to much, not to little or as we say in Sweden; its ”lagomt”, which makes the fruity and somewhat sweet flavour shine even more.

The Apple & Forest berries Limited Edition snus from Jakobsson’s is now available in our online store until the end of autumn, so make sure to not miss it.

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

Order Jakobsson's Apple & Forest berries Now!




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