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Wisby - Snus inspired by Gotland

From Gotland with love!

Wisby is the latest from the popular manufacturer Gotlandssnus (Jakobsson’s). A brand that pays homage to Gotlandssnus home, the island of Gotland. Wisby takes inspiration, both visually and flavor-wise, from the Gotlandic nature and the town of Visby, the island’s port to the world. Visby is a town rich with history that has since the early middle-ages been an important trading hub in in the middle of the Baltic sea. The town’s nearly 3.5 km long city wall was admitted to UNESCO:s world heritage list in 1995 and it’s the wall’s gates has given the name to the snus from Wisby. First out is Wisby Söderport White Portion and Wisby Norderport White Portion, two white portion snus that deliver strong nicotine kicks and nuanced flavors.

Wisby Söderport White Portion:

Wisby Söderport is named after the southern gate of the city wall. This gate is one of the wall’s oldest and its majestic tower greets those who travels to Visby by the southern road with a beautiful sight. With the gate’s southern position as inspiration Wisby Söderport White Portion delivers a summery and a fresh elderflower flavor.

Wisby Norderport White Portion:

Norderport (the northern gate) is considered together with Österport (the eastern gate) to have the wall’s oldest gate towers, constructed somewhere around the year 1280 A.D. If you follow the old country road that goes through the gate you’ll get to enjoy a scenic journey to the beautiful northern parts of the island. Wisby Norderport White Portion deliver a delicious flavor of well-rounded tobacco complemented with lovely hints of rose hip.

Wisby is a snus brand that focuses on delivering nuanced flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks in a discreet and comfortable way. The tobacco used has been carefully selected by Gotlandssnus in order to ensure that each portion meets their high quality standard. Their natural aromas complements each other perfectly which makes Wisby to an excellent choice for you who appreciate snus with complex flavors that last for a delightfully long time.

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