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New Snus in the G.3 series

Power - G.3 Volt

Swedish Match has released a new snus in the G.3 line - and this is definitely an upgraded G.3 variety, claiming to be a very powerful snus even for the experienced strong-snus user! G.3 VOLT has a nicotine strength of 26 mg/g which makes it 30% stronger than G.3 Slim Extra Strong White, VOLT is the strongest snus ever produced by Swedish Match!

G.3 Volt comes in white dry portions with 20% less drip than G.3 Slim White. It also delivers a long lasting burning effect, a biting feel under the lip that many appreciate. VOLT has a light and spicy tobacco character combined with an intense flavor of peppermint, as well as hints of eucalyptus and cedar. The portions are long and narrow - this is a discreet way to enjoy a super strong hit of nicotine!

OFFER:  when purchasing a roll of any General snus we will throw in a can of VOLT for free for you to try! FYI: Due to technical reasons, the can of VOLT will not show in your cart at checkout, but it will be in your order confirmation e-mail and will be delivered with the rest of your snus! Valid until 16th April 23:59:59 utc & once per order.


Try out the new VOLT!

New super strong Snus from General G.3 - VOLT!



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