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Kelly White – A tobacco free brand with delicious flavors!


Kelly White – A tobacco free brand with delicious flavors!

Did you notice the plain white snus-cans here at Buysnus? This is the design of the swedish brand Kelly White. The white color connects three features of the brand: the white color of the tobacco free nicotine pouches, the design of  the can, and last but not least the name of the brand.

Right now there are four different kinds of Kelly White available: Enjoy two varieties of fresh mint flavor and two with a fruity touch. The different nicotine content is visually displayed by stars on the cans lid. One star - expect a mild nicotine kick. Two stars – here we go with a medium strong snus- Three of four stars – enjoy strong nicotine kicks.

Let´s have a look on the different tastes:

Kelly White Cool Mint Slim delivers fresh mint flavor.

Kelly White Sparkling Strawberry Slim – expect delicious strawberry -champagne-flavor.

Kelly Sweet Mint Slim – a flavor combination of fresh mint and sweet melon.

Kelly White Sweet Peach Slim – enjoy sweet peach flavor. 

Are you curious now? Check the new Kelly White brand and order tobacco free Kelly White snus right here at Buysnus!



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