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Nick and Johnny will get new clothes!

Nick and Johnny will be renewed!  

As time passes by, things around us change and sometimes we do not even notice… but Nick and Johnny getting new clothes - well, that’s something you don’t want to miss!

Over the course of October and November, this change will become visible.

Nick and Johnny will of course still be Nick and Johnny, their apperance will become fresh and new:

·         Nick and Johnny Original Portion will be: Nick and Johnny Original Edge

·         Nick and Johnny Strong White will be: Nick and Jonny White Heat

Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice will remain as cool as it already is! The design of Original Edge and White Heat are clearly inspired by it. Nick and Johnny has always had a neat design, this upgrade however provides an even cooler and modern design with a fresh appeal.

Here at, we have always had a faible for the Nick and Johnny design, but the new one we really love!

What do you think about it? Do you prefer the old Nick and Johnny or have you fallen in love with the new names and cool design as we have?

Nick and Johnny snus...

Nick and Johnny 


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