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Ettan Loose and Grov Loose back in their classic 1967 tins.

Ettan Loose and Grov Loose back in their classic 1967 tins! 

This summer sees the return of Ettan and Grov in their 1967 tins with metal lid. A classic from the past meets the 21st century. Very limited editions, so order before it will be too late!

The year is 1967... Sweden adopted right-hand traffic, The Beatles topped the charts week after week, Stockholm's once swinging Nalen Dance Hall closed its doors, student protests were starting to erupt around the world... while in San Francisco, it was the Summer Of Love.

Times were changing and Svenska Tobaks AB created a completely new type of snus container - round, colored and with a distinctive tin lid. Until then, snus had been sold in bland oval cardboard packages. The Svenska Tobaks AB insignia was stamped proudly onto the lid of the new container type, which made a characteristic clicking sound when being opened.

This summer only, Ettan and Grov are back in their 1967 cans with metal lid - for some nostalgic snus experience...

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