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New snus at a special price!

News at a special price! 

A bunch of great new snu has just been launched - The Lab Fresh and Nick And Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion! We are so excited about all of them, that we set up a special offer for you: Celebrate with us - Buy 10 & Pay for 6!

The Lab Fresh: Swedish Match describes it as "The freshest snus series ever!".  This description hits the bull's Eye! You can choose from 3 fresh variations - Mint, Lemon and Cool Mint Strong. All Three have slimmed, white pouches that guarantee a non-drip effect - honestly, they don't drip at all!

Nick And Johnny Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana Portion: A strong snus inspired by U.S. cult products - Dr Pepper and Rootbeer - A spicy tobacco blend with clear tones of sweet cherry, almond, viol and raspberry - really delicious!

The 10 for 6 special is valid when you buy 1 roll of the same variant. From September 9th until September 14th at 23:59:59 GMT+2.  

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