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General Variation


General is one of the most popular snus-brands, it's a classic. Now, a brand new snus series is here - General Variation - New, exciting flavor sensations which are based on General's classics. The first two out are:

General Variation Rustic Blend White - A spicy, herbal and round taste character, with a spicy, rich tobacco character. Clear notes of dried herbs, citrus and pepper. with hints of resin and rosemary.

General Variation Smoky Oak Portion - A rosty, oaky and Deep taste characte, with a spicy, robust tobacco character. clear tones of pipe tobacco, tar, woodfire and oak, also some bergamot and leather.

A brand new snus series, closest to perfection - order Rustic Blend och Smoky Oak below!    

General Variation ...

General Variation 


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