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Snus suitable for sports!

Do you use snus when you're training? Maybe you put in a pouch just before taking a round on the crosstrainer to get that extra kick? Perhaps you wait until you're finished, so the pouch will feel extra good? Whatever you're doing this week's special might be something for you!

This week we have selected a bunch of snus that we think is suitable for/during/after training! Choose your favorite, buy 1 whole roll and get 5 free extra cans per roll - not bad, huh? Choose from the following snus:

Catch White Spearmint Long Portion
Ettan White Portion
General Strong White Portion
Göteborgs Rapé White Large Lime Portion
Kaliber Original Extra Tobakssmak Portion
Kronan White Portion
Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong Portion
Probe Lös
Röda Lacket White Portion
The LAB 12 Fresh Mint Strong White Slim Portion

The special is valid on whole rolls of the same variant, until September 12th at 23:59:59 UTC. Enjoy!

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