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NYHET: Mellgren's IPA


After a long, hot and sweaty threesome between Mellgren's, Assens Tobaksfabrik and the snus world's most reknown blender, Conny Andersson, fraternal twins were born: Mellgren's IPA Single Cut Loose and Mellgren's IPA White Portion!

A unique, sophisticated snus, of premium quality, made of cut tobacco (100 % lamina, which means that all unneccessary twigs have been removed from the blend) originating from four different countries and three different continents: Brazil, Guatemala, the United States and South Africa.

Cut tobacco is rare and hard to produce; there currently are just one, maybe two factories who have the right machinery to carry out this procedure, whereof none of them is in fact located in Sweden. To cut the tobacco, which is the secret of the luxurious Kardus snus, is an effective way to improve the flavour release.

Both Mellgren's IPA Single Cut and Mellgren's IPA White Portion have a pure taste of tobacco and include the medicinal herb verbena, which in some cultures has been and still is associated with godhood and divine powers.

The well-rounded taste has a touch of citrus, coming from the lovely Indian Pale Ale - it wouldn't be a Conny Andersson-snus if it hadn't had some beer in it, right? ;)

We're impressed and not just a little - are you? 

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Mellgren's IPA Single Cut



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