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G.3 by general - new design

G.3 - an updated third generation

G.3 has continuously added new varieties to the product line, and at the moment there are 7 different versions of G.3. Sometimes it might be difficult to separate the different cans from each other, which is something that Swedish Match now is trying to fix. The new cans are arriving one by one at our warehouse and there are a few changes that might be good to know!

All G.3s are portion snus in a large but thinner format called "Slim", and one of the varieties is even "Super Slim". The portions lasts for a long time and are less runny than the ordinary Swedish Match portions. After the redesign, the white portion snus comes in cans that are white or silver, and the original portion snus comes in black cans - smart!

The nicotine strength of G.3 ranges between strong and extra strong (14-20 mg/g) and that is now stated on the cans with 3 or 4 red dots on a 4 point graded scale.

Besides the traditional tobacco centric General flavor, G.3 comes in mint and licorice flavors, and they are now called Blue Mint and Purple Licorice.

So, in conclusion - it will be easier to identify which G.3 can is which - but the snus is still just as good!


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