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Brand new Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit - The all white snus inspired by the Nordic!

Now you will find the new snus brand Nordic Spirit in our snus shop online! Nordic Spirit is an all white and a tobacco free Swedish snus from JTI Sweden. Just like LD snus Nordic Spirit is is manufactured in Vårgårda Kvarn here in Sweden.

Nordic Spirit is, like you can guess by the name, inspired by the Nordic and comes in two versions - Nordic Spirit True White Mint and Nordic Spirit True White Bergamot/Wildberry. What does all white and true white snus mean? In this case it means that the snus itself is white, the content is all white and it is not brown as traditional snus is. How can snus be all white? Nordic Spirit is a tobacco free snus and instead of tobacco the manufacturer have been using plant fiber and a chewing gum base. These ingredients contributes to an all white snus and a more pleasant snus experience - a softer surface on the pouch that reduces drip and do not discolor your teeth, but at the same time deliver a fast nicotine release and a long lasting flavor!

Nordic Spirit True White Mint comes with a refreshing flavor of fresh menthol and sweet peppermint - the perfect mint snus! Nordic Spirit True White Bergamot and Wildberry has a more non-traditional flavor of wild berries, just like the popular drink from Fanta, and just a touch of bergamot. Bergamot is a very common flavor in Swedish snus. You will find bergamot in many of the most popular snus brands here in Sweden, for example in General, Ettan and Thunder snus.

Here at we feel that the all white snus has opened up a whole new snus era... We do not know what will come next, but at the moment we feel that all white snus is a new sensation or white snus 2.0! If you have not already tried all white snus you better do it, this is fantastic! No more discolored teeth or brown saliva, try a softer pouch that suits perfectly under the lip - try new Nordic Spirit today!

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

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