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Jakobsson's Special Vinbär - a strong and black currant flavored newcomer

A flavorful newcomer to the Jakobsson's Special-series!

Jakobsson's snus from the Swedish manufacturer Gotlandssnus is a brand famous for its delicious and nuanced flavors. Their new Jakobsson's Special Vinbär is a strong (14 mg nicotine/portion) original portion snus that deliver a fruity black currant flavor. A flavor that takes you back to hot and beautiful summer days.

A quick and long lasting release of both flavor and nicotine

These original portions somewhat humidified character ensures that they deliver an almost instant release of its stimulating nicotine kicks and wonderful black currant flavor. Combine this with the portions soft and comfortable fit and you'll get something just as perfect to enjoy when you're relaxing at home or when you're in the mood to spice up the night out with something extra flavorsome.

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Jakobsson's Special Vinbär



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