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Freeze and Winter Chill - The latest and strongest from LYFT

Two newcomers from LYFT for you who loves intense kicks and minty flavors

Here we have two extra fresh and extra strong newcomers from LYFT, LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim and LYFT Winter Chill X-Strong Slim. These two tobacco free and all white powerhouses both packs a staggering high nicotine content (11 mg/portion) and deliver two different refreshing mint flavors; peppermint and wintergreen.

Discreet and innovative pouches

These two powerful variants comes in LYFT’s own slim and all white nicotine pouches. They use a filling made out of a mix of natural plant fibers, a filling that offer some innovative and nice advantages over traditional tobacco blends. These tobacco free nicotine pouches won’t stain your teeth, they stay fresh for a longer time than regular snus and they drip minimally. This low drip makes sure that both the extra strong nicotine kicks and the refreshing flavors last for a satisfyingly long time.

The strongest in LYFT's arsenal

Experience the strongest LYFT have to offer with LYFT Freeze X-Strong Slim and LYFT Winter Chill X-Strong Slim. They stimulate on more levels than one with their minty fresh flavors and powerful nicotine kicks. Two perfect alternatives for you who wants to enjoy something discreet yet exhilaratingly intense. You can now order this duo online in our shop right here at

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