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Launch of the snus news of the year - Åhus Anno 2008

Åhus Anno 2008

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the snus news of the year - Åhus Anno 2008 - a piece of cultural history from Fiedler & Lundgren.

Åhus Anno 2008 is a snus with which they tried to recreate the flavor and aroma of yesteryear. This Snus is available only in a limited edition of 5000 cans. These come in a classic metal box that is within an elegant wooden box.

Åhus snus Anno 2008 has been developed through a collaboration of Fiedler & Lundgren and the Museum of Kristianstad. The project was made possible thanks to some enthusiasts that has saved seeds from the so-called "Swedish Tobacco". This tobacco was used during the 1900s first half and in that era commercial cultivation of tobacco was made in the plains near Kristianstad.

Tobacco plants were sown with seeds and grown in Åhus area in the summer 2008. The aim was to revive and document the tobacco expertise that emerged during the Kristianstad Plain's 300-year tobacco history, but was likely to disappear with the old farmers'.

Åhus snus Anno 2008 is like any other snuff brands, a mix of different varieties. The uniqueness with Åhus snus is that 50 percent of the mixture is composed of tobacco grown in Kristianstad plain in 2008. Those who developed this unique snus have tried picking up a taste and aroma of the past whilst they wanted to take advantage of the opportunities that modern technology offers snus.

Out of stock! We hope to get a few more the following days.

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