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Kardus Superior Blend 2009 - a very exclusive snus

Each year since 2005 has Swedish Match produced a very exclusive snus for the real connoisseur. Now it's time to present the 2009 years edition of Kardus Superior Blend. As in previous years Swedish Match has been looking around the world to find a tobacco that can satisfy even a picky connoisseur. Tobacco is a complex commodity. The flavors are not only dependent on soil and climate where it grows. Dealing with post-harvest curing and storage also plays a crucial role in the flavor of the finished product. The parallels to wine production are clear. In the same way as a winemaker can choose to mix many grapes to reach the complex and harmonious taste sensations, a snus-maker emphasize different kinds of tobacco shades by mixing carefully selected tobacco with different characteristics.

In the 2009 Kardus Superior Blend, we find both an Argentine tobacco, and tobacco from Guatemala. The Argentine comes from the province of Salta at the foot of the Andes. Here they grow an aromatic and very tasty tobacco. It is grown in light clay soil and then the tobacco is sun-dried. The tobacco from Salta has a rich aroma that can be described as sweet, fruity, spicy, bread with a hint of tea. A complex and highly nuanced tobacco. In this the south western part of Guatemala a special tobacco is grown and dried in the air in barns built of cultivated eucalyptus tree. This was the perfect complement to the tobacco from Salta. It has elements of chocolate, nut and fruitiness creates an exciting exotic, if not tropical flavor.

The production of Kardus Superior Blend distinct itself from normal snus production. A normal snus is minced and the tobacco crushed. In the most snus brands the complete leaf is with the stem and all. Kardus Superior Blend is "all lamina”. This means that only the tobacco leafs used. Ribbed content is 0.2-0.5%. It is smaller than most cigar manufacturers require.

That tobacco is cut is also important for taste: Just as cut garlic tastes differently from pressed, is also the cut tobacco flavor milder, more complex and developed. Kardus Superior Blends cut is called long cut, resulting in a structure similar to some pipe tobacco. The structure is different from usual snus and requires some extra care when you shape your pouch. The 2009 Kardus Superior Blend is flavored with rum. The choice fell on a dark rum from Guatemala, which were stored in 23 years on American oak barrels. This rum is considered by many as the finest rum in the world. Rum from Guatemala is distinguished by a very deep, sophisticated taste. Some compare it with cognac, but the real connoisseur discovers a darker, slightly candy-like hue with notes of hazelnut and nutmeg. During storage the flavors from the rum marries with the flavors of the tobacco and the snus will excite you!


Kardus superior blend 2009

kardus superior blend 2009

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