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G.3 - When tradition meets innovation

What do you get if you combine tradition with innovation? You get G.3 snus.This is the third generation of snus from General, hence the name G.3 which short for Generation 3. The people over at General snus has struck gold by balancing flavour, portion size and strength. Expect nothing less than the same premium quality snus found in other General products, but this time with small and discreet portions that doesn’t hold back on the nicotine. If you were looking for a positive example of the idiom “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”, look no futher because you’ve just found it!

The taste we all know and love

The familiar General taste is still there with its peppery blend of tobacco and a few drops of bergamot oil that give the snus just the right amount of sourness. The G.3 line keeps this highly praised, recognisable formula and expands on it by offering a variety of different flavours. The G.3 lineup contains snus like; G.3 Slim White Extra Strong, G.3 Original Slim Extra Strong and G.3 VOLT Slim White Dry Super Strong. This series of snus gives you a real bang for your buck.

Size doesn't matter

The portion sizes range from Slim to Super Slim. These slimmed down pouches are design to be discreet and minimize dropping in order to give you a wholesome snus experience. But don’t let the size fool you, all of the G.3 snus delivers a hefty amount of nicotine. The products from this line surpasses the level of nicotine found in both General Classic Portion and General Classic White Portion. The Super Slim variant gives you the same energetic experience as the Slim versions, the portion size doesn't affect the strenght. The Sluper Slim cans also one-ups the competition by featuring 30 portions per can instead of 24 like the rest of the G.3 line. This is Swedish engineering at its finest.

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